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Graduation 2021

Our Christian Daycare Center

Ensure that your child is well cared for while you are at work. Based in Beltsville, Maryland, Evangel Christian Child Care Center is a Christian preschool and child care facility. Although we are opening under a new name, we have proudly served the community for more than 20 years.

Included in Our Child Care Services

Our overall goal is to motivate our youth, steer them into the right path, and create great leaders for tomorrow. In addition to providing a happy and safe learning environment, we offer a number of benefits to children and their parents. All of our children have direct access to the following:

  • Educators who have a passion for child development and success
  • Nutritious meals for breakfast and an evening snack
  • Daily Bible Study to enrich our students with the Word of God
  • Entertaining activities that mentally and physically stimulate student growth

* For an additional fee, we take our students on engaging retreats, exploratory field trips, and visits to the library.

Our educators give you the ability to be part of advancing your child's educational career. Academic support for parents is a large part of our program.

Our Approach

At Evangel Child Care Center, we understand that no two students are exactly alike. Therefore, we use an individualized approach with each student. As a result, we recognize what works best for each student and are able to strengthen them to their highest potential.